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How do you get engagement from your employees?

If you’re an employer, motivating and retaining staff is a complex issue, especially when current staffing models rely heavily on casual contracts.  This article from HRM Online provides some food for thought…
Employee engagement: the good, the bad and the ugly
By HRM online
written on April 7, 2017

At the John Lewis department store in the UK, they […]

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Handling conflict nicely…

When you’re a nice person, conflict can be a real challenge. Not that mean people are any better at conflict; they just enjoy it more.

New research from Columbia University shows that how you handle conflict can make or break your career.

The researchers measured something scientifically that many of us have seen first-hand:

people who are […]

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5 very simple ways to improve your teams sense of safely belonging…

1. Refresh your workspace

Natural light will enhance mood and create a more spacious feel to the office.

A recent study found that office workers with more natural light exposure at the office had longer sleep duration, better sleep quality, more physical activity and better quality of life compared to office workers with less light exposure in […]

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Nine ways to recognise performance

Organisations which recruit and retain the best people develop an honest and thoughtful employee recognition culture…

A culture that motivates and rewards people in a way that extends far beyond simply material incentives.

A culture which makes them belong and so feel safe!

According to Gallup, 65 percent of surveyed employees reported that they received no recognition over […]

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How to make your coaching effective

The purpose of coaching is to initiate change through discussion so, as ‘managers who coach’, we could be forgiven for taking the change process itself for granted. But in doing so are we missing a powerful catalyst?
Your coaching development program would have provided you with useful models on learning cycles, adult change, and roadmaps to […]

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Five strategic HR metrics that every employer should capture for sustainable competitive advantage

In order to achieve true business impact, employers should be measuring five critical performance indicators that will positively affect their organisation’s sustainable competitive advantage and profitability:

1.  Recruiting effectiveness

2.  Critical talent retention

3.  Performance management

4.  Compensation and pay equity

5.  Productivity

How we can help.


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What Makes A Leadership Development Strategy Successful?

A recent Deloitte study found that 56% of executives believe their companies are not ready to meet today’s leadership needs. Many companies are responding, last year spending $31 billion on leadership development programs, and since 2015 alone spending on such programs has increased by 10%.

Jesse Demmel, vice president of platform engineering at Under Armour, rewrites […]

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How to use your business’ purpose to inspire engagement

Jess Van Der Welt at HRM has written a thought-provoking article about how to inspire teams to work together in achieving the mission of the organisation they work for.
How to use your business’ purpose to inspire engagement
Jess Van Der Walt

US millennials have an “alarmingly low” sense of their business’ purpose at work, a Gallup study […]

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An Easy Way To Make Your Workplace Happier In 2017: Recognize Your Colleagues More For Their Work

This article highlights how the simple act of recognising the performance of your colleagues can become part of a positive workplace culture.
An Easy Way To Make Your Workplace Happier In 2017: Recognize Your Colleagues More For Their Work
Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, save more money and live life […]

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Fantastic right through the whole process

“Anna was fantastic right through the whole process. Kept me informed at all times.  The candidates were all good by the feedback I received.  Followed up with reference checks for 2 of them which was very helpful.

All in all I could not fault her. It was a pleasure dealing with her.”

Marion Fox, Australian Hose and […]

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