CEO perspective on two rare employee skills

At a time where relevant skills and experience are seen as essential in securing a job, it is interesting to read former CEO, Auren Hoffman’s response to this question:
From the perspective of a CEO, what are the most underrated skills most employees lack?
Two skills are incredibly rare: (1) Doing what you say you will do […]

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The 6-Hour Workday – Will You Embrace The Change?

We’ve all heard the work/life balance mantra bandied around for a good while now, but is it working in reality?  Is time for a more radical approach?  The article below highlights a new way of thinking, as some companies introduce 6-hour workdays in Sweden.  Is Australia ready to follow suit?

Why Sweden Is Shifting To A […]

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Designing a culture of leadership development

A truly rewarding piece of work was recently completed by Tim Mackew, who designed, wrote and facilitated a Conflict Resolution Workshop for Newlands-Glencore Coal.

The aim of the workshop is to develop a culture of leadership development and zero harm.  With a desire to learn from all the participants and the determination of the organisation to […]

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Recruit or transform?

Your business is growing- you provide exciting products or services, you’re winning new contracts and you have a skilled delivery team – but you can’t keep up with demand! So the obvious solution is to recruit to meet this new peak in demand – and each one after!

But is this really the right approach? If […]

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Nippers think tank highlights positive future

Tim Mackew recently facilitated at the meeting of the Noosa Seahorse Nippers organisation, whose vision is to give children with special needs the opportunity to take part in activities that would usually be outside their capability.  Focusing on team performance being reflective of the calibre, talent and loyalty of it’s members, Tim feels he actively […]

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AHRI Mentoring Program

As a 2016 AHRI mentor Tim Mackew of Versatile Resourcing will be attending the AHRI Mentor Networking event in Brisbane this July.

Attending with his mentee, together they will share knowledge and experiences to advance a mutually beneficial professional development relationship.

The program enables links to be established between experienced HR professionals from within the AHRI membership and members […]

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Embrace change

Change is inevitable, but how often do we get it right?

When business owners, CEO’s and Board’s need to deliver on a current strategy, making it actually happen can be frought with obstacles.  This is especially so for small to medium sized businesses, who face the same demands as larger business but without the resources to […]

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Talent selection to maximise success

The team at Versatile Resourcing have been in recruitment for a long time and over the years we have seen how getting the whole end to end process right, can really enhance a business.

By investing in your recruitment strategy, you can realise sustainable, tangible results.  Here are 7 steps we believe will maximise your success in selecting […]

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Versatile Resourcing selected for the AHRI Mentoring Program 2016

Versatile Resourcing’s commitment to professional development has been recognised by our inclusion in the AHRI Mentoring Program for 2016.

The aim of this voluntary program is to facilitate mentoring relationships that encourage the sharing of  advice, knowledge and experiences with their mentee, resulting in a mutually beneficial professional development relationship.

Versatile Resourcing Mentors share knowledge of the […]

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