Small businesses employ half the workforce in Australia – but without the resources of large corporations.

Characterised by the scale of entrepreneurs within it’s population, Australian small businesses make a very significant contribution to the economy, collectively employing half the Australian workforce and accounting for one fifth of Australia’s gross domestic product.

For the second year in a row, the number of new businesses in Australia has grown, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

What these small businesses have in common is the challenge of dealing with the myriad people issues involved in recruitment, professional personal development and retention of outstanding talent:

  • Sourcing suitable staff with the right qualifications, skills and culture was the main problem for the 1,000 small and medium businesses (SMBs) surveyed nationally in the Sensis Business Index June 2016.
  • Recruiting and retaining staff ranked a close second.

Most small businesses grow organically without internal systems in place for strategic human resource planning.  Many business owners are not trained in all the facets of HR – recruiting, on-boarding, developing and retaining the right people for their business.  And often HR is given a very low priority as most SMB’s are busy chasing the next sale and trying to get paid!

Versatile Resourcing offers solutions in all these areas at the fraction of the cost of a full time HR team.  Offering the services of Certified AHRI professionals who can access AHRI resources in Australia and Chartered members of the CIPD in the UK, Versatile Resourcing can help your business develop competitive advantage through the quality of the talent working in your organisation.  This is further enhanced as the Versatile Resourcing team also has Chartered members of the CIPD in the UK, ensuring compliant, current recruitment, professional development, and retention strategies.

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