“Tim taught me 2 truly critical business lessons: business lessons that I still use practically every day of my working life.
I have met many leaders in my business life at the highest level, but none that have helped me at such a fundamental level.

It is genuinely rare to meet such an inspirational and developmental individual – give him the opportunity and he may very well change your life, and that of your business – for good, forever.
Businesses run on habits; embed the right habits, get rid of the bad ones and you’re more than half way to success!

Tim’s lessons…

  1. A project gets 3-months late or overdue one day at a time. Keep focussed on the plan and measure the right elements of it every single day.
  2. Someone(maybe you) can outline a fantastic business strategy – but if you can’t put the right team, the right tactics, and the right management in place to execute it, what’s the point? Go fishing instead. The success of any project is largely influenced by the people who are in place to deliver it and their determination to see it through. Their persistence is driven by the desire of the leader and the organisation to see it through – be relentless, every day. Most plans fail not because it’s a bad plan, but because it is not managed well enough.

    Tim can help you and your team learn the habits of managing your plans better!
    I cannot recommend Tim and his team highly enough!”

Antonio Garrido

President Sandler Sales Training, Miami. Coach, Trainer, Speaker: building world class teams, managers, and business.